Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More tea, vicar? The Ramadan installment......

So we decided to try another weekend in Srimangal - this time I was with 2 different people who have never been there before. One met us there as she worked in Sylhet just before, the other got the train.

At the station, it was pretty overwhelming and people staring at you at 6.30am can be pretty tough. They then announced that there was no AC carriage on the train, and we had to change our tickets for normal seats....we got on and the smell of the toilets was gross! Luckily, we soon left Dhaka and because of the open windows and ventilation, the smell was no issue.

It occurred to us as we continued the journey just how much water there is in Bangaldesh!!!! As you can see from the fields, they are flooded and we were just on a slightly raised bank among this! On a bouncy, Bangladeshi train......safe or what?

Eco cottage looked like it was made of placemats, and this cow was eating just off our balcony! It was really clean and the food was pretty good, so we will be staying there again. Being Ramadan (even in a 60% Hindu town) there was a distinct lack of places to drink tea! So strange when you are surrounded by so much.

The monkey was hanging out in the rainforest by the train tracks.

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