Sunday, March 21, 2010

OCA Landscape Assignment 2

This assignment was looking at a space around 1 acre and taking as many different shots as possible (landscape style) there. I originally shot in Kuala Lumpur but was unhappy with the shots when I got back as not enough open space and the forest shots were samey and dark. So I headed to Gulshan Lake Park in Dhaka - to find they were draining the lake!!!! So there was an extra challenge to 'hide' the fact that it looked even uglier than usual there! I do think I achieved this although believe me I have plenty of shots showing the real story. Oh how photographers can be creative with the truth :) I just wish I had taken my long lens for the goat - although I do believe I challenged myself to use 1 lens only as well as the small space.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

OCA Landscape Photography - Project 13

Project 13 asked for us to take photos throughout the day to become aware of the changing light. I was in Kuala Lumpur, and the light was amazing - helped by the fact I was staying on the 21st floor! So, this is an urban landscape instead, until such a time as I can take a proper landscape in the same conditions.

The light changed quickest around the end of the day, although I like looking at the range of light we got throughout the day. The images were shot in the 12 hours from 07.24 - 19.38.

My favourite light, as always, is coming up to dusk although I sometimes get caught out by the speed at which it can suddenly become dark! I also sometimes like the middle of the day if there are clouds, as these can add a huge amount of atmosphere to photos.

OCA Landscape Photography - Project 12

Contrast and exposure - this project was looking at areas of contrast and comparing colour and black and white , and looking at detail recorded in the images. Thinking about waiting until the light changes and different lighting making a complete difference to our view. The bright sunshine helped with the contrast in these images, shot in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

OCA Landscape Photography - Project 11

The colour of daylight - I read through this a few times to try and figure out what to shoot, but couldn't find anything. So I looked through other students blogs to see what they had done. I also checked the oca forums and it turns out this is just a 'read and note' project!