Saturday, September 26, 2009

OCA Landscape Photography - Project 1

After waiting ages for my pack to arrive (joys of BFPO) I finally received it whilst here in the UK. So, I wanted to get going immediately! Luckily the weather has been amazing here since I got here a week ago. The first photo trip was to West Bay and then Lyme Regis (despite road closures and other things that seemed to conspire against me going out that day!).

The first project asked us to take photos varying the position of the horizon. I tried this several times, on both landscape and portrait style photos. This certainly made me think a lot about the 'rule of thirds' and other such things we are encouraged to think about when composing a photo.

Personally I like the one here with the most sky and am not keen on the one with more grass in the foreground. I have always liked photos showing a lot of sky and have a fascination with clouds.......

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