Thursday, January 7, 2010

OCA Landscape Photography - Assignment 1

This assignment, the first we submit to a tutor, was to depict the current season. I chose to go to Nepal for a wider variety of seasons, and an easier place to travel around. It is only an hours flight from Dhaka and so is pretty convenient. This is my response to the season, Winter.

OCA Landscape Photography - Project 10

Project 10 is about soft colours. When I was in Chitwan in Nepal, the early mornings were beautiful and foggy, which softened the colours quite a bit. One shows a person in a landscape as the shot is one of my favourites and demonstrates the softening.

OCA Landscape Photography - Project 9 - one isolated colour

This was one isolated colour set against a contrasting background. I thought that using my macro lens and close up flower shots made this work best.

OCA Landscape Photography - Project 9 - Range of colour

This one asked for a range of colour in the same photo. This can be a challenge in my mind in a typical landscape shot. One is a street scene on the day of a strike in Nepal and the other boats used to add colour.

OCA Landscape Photography - Project 9 - Greens

Colour themes. This assignment wanted us to look at various colour themes, split into three. The first was the largest range of greens that you could find in one view. This was quite a challenge actually. I tried a few times but wasn't satified. I tried on a walk up to the Peace Pagoda in Pokara and thought I had got some good images, but they don't show the range in the way I would like and remember it being at the time. This is again one I will try to do again although Dhaka right now is dusty and grey rather than green! The first photo was taken at the Tea Gardens in Bangladesh, the rest in Nepal.

Friday, January 1, 2010

OCA Landscape Photography - Project 8

Using perspective to help composition

This project wanted us to use 'obvious use of perspective to draw the eye into the frame.'
I used a few different approaches, after looking at the teaching notes. The first was the aerial perspective, both from the plane and from paragliding.

I also looked at using the wall of the ?prison, the boats, a road, a river and the horizon to help with perspective. There is a lot more to play with still for this project!