Tuesday, July 6, 2010

OCA Landscape Assignment 3

A search on google images brought up the image that before I moved to Asia were my view of palm trees. However, since moving to Asia 5 years ago, I have discovered that my 'romantic view' of these trees and their location is not quite so romantic! These trees seem to thrive in all kinds of locations, by roads, rivers, in the city as well as on the beach. As I was travelling through Kuala Lumpur and Melaka on my way back to Vietnam, I decided to use the opportunity to take photos in 4 locations, 2 cities and 2 places on the coast to look at the different locations of these trees, challenging the usual view.

I also wanted to explore a slightly different style of photos, and when I was in Nepal, a bookmark gave me the inspiration to think about panoramic shots. Earlier in the course I had lots of fun using stich in photoshop and cropping images to make them into panoramic images. Years ago when I had my APS camera, I often used this function and enjoyed it a lot. I originally planned to use the stitch function in photoshop but then realised the new sony TX-5 I wanted to buy had a panoramic function and so I decided to try this out for the project. I had great fun shooting, although it was hard to get shots in Kuala Lumpur that really showed the city. I went out a few times on shoots but never quite got the shots I envisaged, but often found a slight variation and am happy with the finished result. I almost changed to just photographs from Vietnam, but then decided to stick to my original plan. I noted that both Vietnam and Malaysia have colonial-style buildings which can also be seen. Some photos show plam trees in settings such as a car park, but the trees remain beautiful despite the location. I also, of course, had to include an image with the Petronas Towers. I tried to get one of KL Tower, but could never quite get an angle with palm trees included.

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Duncan Astbury said...

I found the angles on the buildings a bit weird on the first shot. I am used to tall structures appearing to lean left at the left side of an image and to lean right on the right side of the image but in your panorama the right lean starts about a third of the way across and then they go left again around the middle - the perils of stitching!

The third image works best for me, the palm is dominant in the composition, the leaves making a strong pattern.